6 ways to make mornings less miserable

We all want to wake up better rested and ready to take on the day. But then we hit snooze.

Getting into a good sleeping rhythm is hard! But here are 6 ways to make it much easier.

  1. Get sh*t done the night before

    Throw your outfit on a chair. Pack your bag before with your wallet, keys and anything else you might forget. Throw in a granola bar or a zip lock bag with cereal in it.  F311DFAD23

  2. Keep a pen and notebook near your bed

    Last minute to do’s keeping you up? Write it down so you don’t forget, then let your mind relax. You’re going to take care of it. Photo by Freestocks.org

  3. Scent it up

    Spray or sniff a nice scent when you’re in bed. You could spritz a Febreeze room spray you like or smell a candle you like. Smelling a scent that makes you happy and relaxed will help you sleep better. Photo by Milo McDowell

  4. Set two alarms 

    An ideal one – one alarm with the time you want to wake up. The second one we’ll call the “panic alarm” – an alarm with the the absolute latest time you could wake up without being late. Make the panic alarm have a loud, annoying noise. Photo by Mpho Mojapelo

  5. Get some light 

    Open the blinds, look out the window or step outside real quick. The light will help your brain wake up. Photo by Annie Spratt

  6. Keep a mantra by your mirror

    Write a simple uplifting message to yourself. Stick it on the wall somewhere so you’ll read it every morning. Photo by Priscilla Westra

  7. Give yourself 15 more minutes than you think you need

    No one likes being rushed in the morning, give yourself an extra cushion on top of what you think it’ll take you to get out on time.
    Photo by Kevin Lee


Have more tips? Comment below.


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