“Unmanageable” hair? Embrace it

You may see frizz and fuss. But we see beauty.

If your hair is wavy, curly, frizz or just acting”difficult” here are some tips to help you feel and look amazing.

Rock the half ponytail

You could do it high or low. Leave strands to frame your face, or pull it all back.

Shape your frizz into waves

PS: This features FrizzEase products, but you can use anything similar. The trick is, to first scrunch your hair while adding a curling hold creme.

And then secondly, apply something to hold the curls to the ends of your hair (light coconut or argun oil and and a tough hairspray works well)

Clip it

A few bobby pins or clips on both sides of your head is a great way to pull back your frizz and waves and give it some shape.

Sport a headband

We love a stretchable, thick black headband, you can get these at most CVS or Duane Reade locations. Or get a fun one to add color to your outfit.

Wear a loose ponytail

Your ponytail doesn’t have to be crazy tight or high, relax! Straighten the hair in the front (around your forehead) if it’s super frizzy or add a clip or two. Here’s another example.


Either way, don’t freak out. Natural is beautiful, sometimes it just needs a little guidance.




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