Forget fall trends, have these staples

This fall, don’t feel pressured to grab every new item off the rack and try the latest trend. Instead, have a few staple pieces you feel awesome in. Here’s what we recommend.

  • A pair of comfy jeans 
  • A pair of black leggings 
    • For the lazy days. Make sure they’re not see-through
  • A light sweater you can throw on
  • A plain T-shirt with a little breathing room 
    • Sometimes indoor heat is just too much! It’s great to wear a light layer just in case you need to take off your sweater.
  • Comfortable shoes that make you happy, like low-cut boots or sneakers 
    • Avoid heels. And skip any velvet material, doesn’t do well in the rain.
  • A jacket 
  • A scarf 

Here’s some inspiration:

Brightly Live

brightly live

Go chic or tom-boy, whatever fits your style.






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